The 8 Best Evan Dorkin Comics So Far


Beasts of Burden is the polar opposite of Milk and Cheese. It tells the story of a pack of neighborhood dogs, ranging from a Husky to a tiny Pug, who combat supernatural forces while their owners aren’t looking. The story is beautifully told by Jill Thompson’s illustrations and the seemingly silly plot is told entirely straight. Stakes are very real as zombies, ghosts, and more threaten the animals, not all of whom manage to survive their adventures. While the series is only published intermittently, each new installment is a true joy to discover and earns the multiple Eisner Awards bestowed on it.


Best Evan Dorkin Comics - The Eltingville Club

This cartoon takes the anger-driven humor of Milk and Cheese and applies it to an actual narrative with a specific focus. The story centers on four nerds whose interests include comics, science fiction, and role-playing games that form a club in high school. Together they display all of the most toxic elements of fandom, rejecting outsiders and eventually turning on one another. As a comics fan it can be a difficult read as Dorkin sharply satirizes geek culture, often predicting ugly trends in modern culture. Ultimately, this recently concluded series is a much-needed scathing take on the functions of fandom as it takes over the mainstream.

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