The 8 Best Evan Dorkin Comics So Far

Writer Evan Dorkin and artist Veronica Fish debuted their new series Blackwood at Dark Horse Comics this week. It features four new students at a college for occult interests who discover a dark mystery and plenty of other strange happenings during their freshman year. It’s a pitch that resonates with Fish’s recent work on young adult series like Archie and Slam. However, it feels like another big leap for Dorkin as a writer.

Dorkin’s career as both a writer and cartoonist has been a showcase in range. While his artistic style is unmistakable, his bibliography reveals a truly diverse array of stories. They cover all sorts of ground from madcap comedy to sincere superhero adventures and tragic animal stories. Looking at Dorkin’s comics, from his earliest publications in the 1980s through Blackwood this very week, it’s impossible to predict what he might do next.

That’s why we’re looking back to showcase his best creations from a long career. These comics reveal his abilities as both a singular talent and collaborator, working on both one-page gags and sprawling narratives. It’s a testament to both the versatility of the medium and the artist himself, and we hope you find the time to read some of these excellent comics, as well as Blackwood.


This is Dorkin at his most absurd. The characters of Milk and Cheese are just that: milk and cheese. However, they possess inhuman amounts of hatred and spite. Their adventures typically compose only a few pages, if that, but they do plenty of damage in whatever space they are given. Like Statler and Waldorf on The Muppets Show they tear into whatever they see, tossing out hilarious barbs at icons of pop culture, politics, and more. It’s difficult to find a more compact, comedic read in comics with each new shot of this dynamic duo coming with plenty of laughs and chaos.

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