The 10 Greatest ‘Action Comics’ Stories Ever


10 Greatest Action Comics Stories - Action Comics #8

There is no better representation of the ideals that Superman represents in the eyes of his creators than this installment in the earliest days of Action Comics. After witnessing a variety of crimes committed by juveniles, Superman redirects his efforts at the society that failed them. He rebuilds their neighborhood, seeking to solve societal ills rather than punish crimes. It’s a surprisingly optimistic and progressive story, especially for its era, and one that highlights Superman’s humanistic approach to vigilantism.


10 Greatest Action Comics Stories - Action Comics #242

The first appearance of Brainiac is a classic outing from the most important Silver Age creators to touch the character. In addition to Al Plastino’s clear storytelling throughout, the issue also features a great cover from Curt Swan. This issue is pure fun with lots of far out and mystifying sci-fi elements pushing the narrative in any direction writer Otto Binder might imagine. Plot and character come second to a sense of fun that enriched the series and its cast of heroes and villains throughout this period.

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