The 10 Greatest ‘Action Comics’ Stories Ever

Action Comics, the second-longest-running series at DC Comics, is celebrating a couple of very big milestones this year. Not only is this its 80th anniversary, but Action Comics #1000 will also be released this very week. That’s an incredible accomplishment, making it the very first in American comics to hit the quadruple digits. The series that gave the world Superman has passed the test of time and become a seemingly permanent part of the comics landscape.

In order to celebrate this very notable achievement, we are taking a look back at all of the issues between its debut in 1938 and this very week. Throughout the many eras of superhero comics, this series has offered some of the very best stories in the genre. We have collected the 10 best stories from across the years, representing top tier of Superman stories, and superhero stories in general, from the Golden Age to today. Click ahead to see a truly impressive survey of the first 1,000 issues of Action Comics.


10 Greatest Action Comics Stories - Action Comics #1

While this issue produced by the still-teenage Siegel and Shuster isn’t quite as artistically innovative as work from industry peers like Will Eisner, Joe Simon, or Jack Kirby, it has to be admired for radically changing comics forever. The debut of Superman essentially invented the superhero genre, taking lots of different elements from pulp novels and comics together in order to offer a clear vision of heroism. While many key elements would be added over the decades to come, Superman entered the world fully formed, and there really is no better starting point than the beginning in Action Comics

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