The 10 Best Thanos Comics Ever

Thanos is about to become one of the biggest villains to ever light up the big screen. However, comics fans have known for decade just how potent this character really is. Ever since his inception by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich in the pages of Iron Man, he has cast an increasingly large shadow over Marvel Comics and risen to be one of the publisher’s greatest villains ever.

In honor of his appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, and to help new fans discover his roots, we have assembled a list of the greatest comics to ever feature Thanos. These stories range from single issues to massive events, some focused on the Mad Titan himself and others featuring him as a key supporting character. Together they help dissect the many forms the villain has taken over 45 years and reveal how much potential rests within his frame, with or without a gauntlet.


Best Thanos Comics - The Infinity War

This miniseries is not recommended for beginners, even if it shares the title of the new Avengersfilm. This is a sequel to the first Infinity Gauntlet event, and it builds heavily both on that and the many other cosmic comics co-created by Jim Starlin. If you’ve done your research or don’t mind using Wikipedia as you read, this is an excellent examination of the trippy and complicated world that is the Marvel universe, stacked with duplicates and ideas made into reality.

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