The 10 Best Shazam Comics to Start Reading Right Now

This is the perfect all-ages introduction to Shazam from Jeff Smith, one of comics’ greatest living cartoonists. It captures all of the essential mythology in the midst of a riveting battle as Shazam must go up against alien invaders and his own rogues gallery of villains. This miniseries remains a captivating read no matter how old you are, and one of the best Shazam comics ever.


Best Shazam Comics - Geoff Johns

This origin provides a lot of insight into what audiences can expect from the movie next year. It was originally told as a backup story in the pages of Justice League, which Warner Bros. executives have cited as the origin for their own story. It provides a modern tone and sensibilities to the classic Golden Age Shazam comics, including a cynical version of Billy Batson like the one from the trailer.


Best Shazam Comics - Power of Hope

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