The 10 Best Shazam Comics to Start Reading Right Now

Of all the superheroes that DC Comics has made modern movie adaptations for, Shazam is likely the least well known outside of comics readers. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have all maintained dedicated mainstream fandoms for decades, and even Aquaman has benefited from being the butt of so many jokes. Shazam (a.k.a. the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel) on the other hand has not appeared in nearly as many cartoons or other media adaptations. That is bound to change in the wake of the first Shazam trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con.

The first trailer for the film is bright, fun, and filled with laughs; everything that recent DC movies have not been known for. Just over two minutes of footage is enough to deliver the same rush of joy that something like Spider-Man 2 or Guardians of the Galaxy is capable of. So there can be little doubt that Shazam is about to gain a lot of new fans, and those fans are going to be wondering where they can find more of this great superhero.

Anyone looking for Shazam comics to read is in luck. There is nothing short of a bounty of graphic novels and collections perfect for new readers. So if you’re looking to introduce yourself to Shazam, his wonderful family, and monstrous villains, then be sure to check out these 10 great comics.


Best Shazam Comics - Monster Society of Evil

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