Seasonal Landscape Photography Tips: From Summer to Winter

Landscape photography is all about the seasons.

A location that looks warm and magical in the spring might look foreboding and eerie in the winter.

This article will give you tips for making the most of seasonal landscape photography.

From spring to winter, we’ll show you how to enhance your landscape images.

Spring Photography

Spring is synonymous with rebirth. Nature, flowers and plants, colours and streams – they all come alive.

At higher altitudes the snow starts to melt. Rivers and waterfalls are once again full of water.

It’s now that you should focus on waterfall photography. They’re swollen with water, which brings out their majestic beauty. This is one of the best moments to photograph them.

The vegetation also grows green and lush. This gives your composition almost an enchanted effect, fairy tale. Not to mention the flowers that are everywhere.

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