How to Take Awesome Color Gel Photography: 10 Ideas

If you haven’t tried color gel photography before, this article is for you.

One of the most exciting things you can do with your flash is using color gels. We’ll show you 10 ideas to add cool colors to your photos that you’d never get with natural light.

Go DIY With Colored Cellophane

To help you start with flash photography and color gels, you can try pop-up flash first. Check if you like it, and then use it on an external flash unit.

It’s easy to use, it’s automatic, and most of all, it’s already included with your camera.

Now, to add color to your flash DIY-style, all you’ll need is a piece of cellophane.

First, cut a small piece of cellophane slightly bigger than your pop-up flash. Then, attach it to the unit using a tape or a rubber band and that’s it!

Just make sure the entire flash unit is covered, so the beam produces a uniform color.

Also, colored cellophane can sometimes be too thin. Especially if you’re using light colors such as yellow or orange.

So feel free to attach two to three layers if you want the color to pop.

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