How to Create a Black Background For Photography

Did you know that the most important thing in creating a black background is not a black cloth, wall or backdrop? there are many ways you can recreate that dark atmosphere.

In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to create black backgrounds for your photos. Hint: it’s all about the light you’re using.

What If Your Backgrounds Never Look Black

What we see with our eyes and what our cameras record can be very different. Our eyes see a wider range of tone and light values than our cameras can record in a single exposure.

I encourage my students to look at light first. Consider what you can see based on how the light is falling on your subject. Then think about how your camera will record it.

If you are looking at a scene with even light and not too much contrast it should be easy to imagine. Yet, If there is contrast, with more light on your subject than on the background, you can still create black backgrounds.

You don’t actually need too much contrast for dark backgrounds.

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