8 Top-Rated Hot Springs in Washington 2018

The state of Washington is full of unique adventures of every kind, from glacier-topped peaks to underground features. One iconic Pacific Northwest attraction everyone should enjoy are the mineral-fed hot springs found throughout the state. The ease of access for these different Washington hot springs varies from backcountry hiking to resort and spa visits, and each offers its own ambiance and style, including clothing-optional policies at some. Whatever hot spring you choose and whatever attire you decide to don, if you do a little research and plan ahead, you can easily enjoy some of the nation’s best geothermal attractions.

Goldmyer Hot Springs

Goldmyer Hot Springs

Nestled amongst the ancient forests of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, just 60 miles east of Seattle, Goldmyer Hot Springs is one of the best-kept geothermal gems in the entire state of Washington. You have to work to enjoy Goldmyer Hot Springs though, and the 15-mile drive on a non-maintained, unpaved Forest Service road, plus the 4.5-mile hike into the wilderness to access the springs, helps to keep this hard to reach location in good condition. As does Northwest Wilderness Programs, the nonprofit organization that maintains the springs via an innkeeper, who enforces low-impact policies to protect the fragile environment.

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