8 Reasons Why Namor Is the Most Marvel Hero

There are three notable Marvel Comics characters who remain an important part of modern stories, despite originating from the company’s Timely Comics era. Captain America is the most prominent, while the android Human Torch has played second fiddle to Johnny Storm for a long time. Both of these characters came after the creation of Namor in Motion Picture Funnies Weeklyin early 1939 though. In the narrative of Marvel Comics, Namor was their first significant character, one who has survived across 80 years of stories and remained an important figure in comic books.


Namor Best Marvel Hero - Bill Everett

Marvel Comics has long prided itself on being the “House of Ideas,” showcasing iconic creators as much as characters in its origins. Fans still say names like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Stan Lee with awe considering just how much they accomplished and how quickly they accomplished much of it. Bill Everett is a name that belongs in those hallowed halls. Everett was the sole creator of Namor and a peer of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon during the Golden Age. He found a place with Marvel during its rebirth as well, co-creating Daredevil and contributing to many essential comics from the early days of Marvel Comics. Namor is the legacy of a true great, both in comic books and at Marvel.

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