5 Best Tripods for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography gear must capture a range of different types of shots, from the fast motion of a nervous flower girl rushing down the aisle, to the landscape-inspired shots of the wedding venue.

A tripod is a useful tool for capturing the different moments of a wedding day.

Do all wedding photographers really need a tripod? What do wedding photographers need to look for when picking out a tripod?

Our guide on the best wedding tripods will take you through everything you need to know to pick one out, and offer you the best options on the market at the moment.

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What Should Wedding Photographers Look for in a Tripod?

First, do you really even need a tripod for wedding photography? Most wedding photographers prefer the ability to easily move around during the ceremony rather than being tied down with a tripod.

But, there are a number of different times during the wedding day when a tripod is more help than a hindrance. For macro shots, a tripod can help get sharper images while also allowing techniques like focus stacking.

Techniques like panning to blur the background while following the bride and groom around the dance floor are also best with a tripod.

Tripods can do more than stabilize your camera, however. My favourite purpose for my tripod during a wedding? As a light stand for my off-camera flash.

Adding a flash bracket at the top turns a tripod into a dual purpose accessory. Tripods aren’t always as tall as a light stand, but they can be more portable and flexible.

So if you want to get sharper macro and support an off-camera flash, what do you look for in a tripod?

In short, the best tripod for wedding photography is a mix of a travel tripod and professional tripod. And these are the most important characteristics.

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