10 Tips for Styling Product Photography

Questions in the creative brief should include:

How would you like to be perceived?

Who is your audience?

Who is your primary competition?

What are some words that describe your brand?

How will the images be used?

Also, a great approach to understanding what the client is looking for is a mood board. This is a board created on an app like Pinterest or Mood Board. You and the client can pin sample images that align with their brand in terms of colour, mood, and aesthetic etc.

Not only can you ensure you’re both on the same page, it’s a great communication tool. Visuals are the best way to communicate ideas you need to express visually.

Research the Target Market

Before you shoot, you need to know the brand’s ideal customer. Does it appeal to millennial women, or a mixed demographic in an older age range? Is it a luxury product, or is it budget-friendly? Understanding who your audience is will help you deliver the right message

Businesses don’t have the resources to reach everyone with a product message. Identifying a target market allows them to focus on those who are most likely to purchase the product. This results in reaching customers with the highest profit potential.

Keep in mind that the purchaser of the product may not actually be the end user. For example, some goods are bought for men by women. Therefore, the target audience in that case is female, rather than male, which affects how the product should be presented.

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