10 Tips for Styling Product Photography

Photos are the first things customers see when browsing online. They make assumptions about a business based on the photography. The trustworthiness of a brand and the perceived value of its products is often determined by its visual style.

Here are ten product photography tips that will help you bring your products to life!

Understand the Brand

Before you start planning or photographing a product, you need to understand the brand. What is it about the brand that the images need to convey?

Figuring this out should start with a conversation with the client, and perhaps a creative brief. A creative brief is a document filled out by the client. It answers questions aimed to help a photographer or designer understand the desired end result.

Clients can find it difficult to describe what they’re looking for. They may give you descriptive words like “fun” and “bold”, which are vague and can mean something completely different to you than it does to them.

The more information you have to begin with, the greater the likelihood that you’ll deliver something they will be happy with.

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